Devices for the pressing automation

The described device was integrated into a press with four stampingtools. The prefabricated parts supplied to the press, transported within the press from stamping tool to stamping tool and then carried to the packaging. The device has its own control which communicates with the pressingcontrol.

The prefabricated parts are supplied to a conveyer belt of the press and are imported by two Pick- and Place units. After the first pressing heave the part is transported to the next pressing tool and the available tools are loaded with a new prefabricated part.

The position of every prefabricated part in the single pressing tools is queried by a system of initiators and laser tracers. This assures that the press can only start the next heave when its guaranteed that no wrong positioning of the prefabricated parts is given. A crash of the tools is thereby avoided and the device runs safely.

As soon as a prefabricated part has run through the press, it is taken by the device and is transported by a conveyor belt. From there it is brought to the next treatment.

The tact beams which realise the transport inside the press are exported as changing parts. Therefore the transport equipment can be rearranged with a reequipping of the press to other prefabricated part types.