Devices for the measuring and checking of geometry and hardness

This device serves for the review of a prefabricated part with regard to the geometrical mass as well as the hardness. The basic principle exists of a round switch table with a part-feed and assortment faulty and good parts. The basic rack is a welded design; the housing is from aluminium brace profiles with Makrolon-windows. The round switch table has a division corresponding to the trial expiry and is equipped with admission nests for the examining of a prefabricated part.

Supplying the shares happens by a spiral sponsor. The supply to the round switch table takes place on hardened linear rails. The prefabricated parts are isolated at the end of the rail and are put in the first admission nest by a pick- and place-station.

For the checking four different cameras are mounted in three different test positions. In total the following test criteria are checked: Diameter of the shaft, perpendicularity of the baseplate, length of the shaft, thickness of the baseplate, evenness of the disk, toothed segments and state of the surface coating.

The hardness of the prefabricated part is tested without having to be touched (whirl-air-procedure).

All audits are recorded, so any errors can be found in a statistic. The data is stored in a central computer, so that a complete statistic and retraceability of the parts is guaranteed.