Devices for the measuring and checking of density

The density test bench can check different prefabricated part types. The density is checked by aluminium pressure downpour shares. The examining prefabricated parts are inserted and taken out by hand. The loading area is secured by a protective door to guarantee protection in case of any burst.

Because the examined part has various pressure areas, the single areas are to be sealed of each other and to be examined individually - some pressure areas can be checked chronologically in parallel. The case is checked in the single areas not only for density, but also for flow.

After the insertion the prefabricated part is precentred and then clamped automatically. All thick carbines are driven to the positions. Where possible, standard seals are used for cost reasons. However, caused by the geometry of the prefabricated part single seals were also constructed especially and were produced by us. The shore hardness of the seals is adapted to the respective demand. seal-thorns with spreadable seal-areas on the radius assure that all pressure areas can be separated in the inside area of the housing.

The single pressure areas, if necessary can be checked and evaluated automatically. All values are registered statistically; if any faulty part is detected it will be discharged.

The prefabricated parts are checked after the difference pressure method. The used testing set can examine with several canals and interstore the data, until they are supplied to the central computer for the statistical evaluation and storage. The actual mistake diagnosis system with unequivocal mistake measurements allows an exact statement of every mistake. Every machine is identified by a bar code - a complete traceability of every prefabricated part is guaranteed in the production process.