Devices for marking and sorting

With the described device a coated packaging is marked by a laser. The packaging is supplied on five conveyor belts of the inscription device and is passed on after the inscription on seven conveyor belts to the commissioning area. The basic rack and the housing are made of aluminium brace profiles.

The round switch table has a total of 20 admission nests which can take up to three different packaging types. Every transport-belt has it´s own quick and safe transport mechanism which works in a very gentle way protecting the packaging.

The texts for the inscription of the single packaging are available in a huge number of layouts. On every transport-belt a packaging type with a customised text is supplied to the device. Marking occurs in chaotic order, because the nest can be fed by any transport-belt of the device. Every packaging is detected by a laser and marked. With max. extent of cycle time half a layout per laser is written in each case. Both lasers are connected to a central suction.

According to the given place for commissioning the packaging is ejected on the right transport-belt.

The whole device including lasers and tapes is steered by an industrial PC. The feed and intermediate storage of the customised layouts from the external customer data bank also occurs from an IPC and is demanded by the laser control unit.