The device described here serves as transfer station and connection of three assembly lines. On these lines components are transported in different manufacturing states on work piece bearers. The components are moved by a line on one in each case of the others to be processed further. The robot station works with a maximum tact time of 10 sec. per transfer procedure with which the components not only are moved, but also are turned. (Stop line WT 1, admission component 1, moving to line 2, admission ready component line 2, moving to line 3, admission ready component line 3 and moving to line 1 for further transport, return to the starting position.) The station can move different components. In addition different grip arms exist which are placed in nests that the robot can change them independently.

The robot cell is steered by two controls. This is the robot´s own control and a SPS # for the beltcontrol, excavation stations, security, production data capture, scanning etc. which communicate with each other and receive the topical production data from the master computer. All control elements, maintenance unit, valve terminal and switch cabinet are placed below the baseplate and are arranged behind the protective doors so that the access is absolutely unproblematic for service purposes.